Time Travel

The ability of the photograph to freeze moments in time has always been a subject of fascination for me. Photographs allow us to view scenes from the world that reveal times as they once were. However, one aspect that I have always wondered about was whether individual photographs could show the movement of time, rather than the freezing of it. Cinematography has always attempted to show this, but I strove to do so using only photographs, rather than motion picture films. The art of using long exposure photography allows photographs to show the connections between moments in time and the way moments build off of each other. Rather than showing specific moments of history, long exposure photography visualizes ranges of time. Such photographs are truly the visual manifestation of memory and time.
February-2014.7 February-2014.6 February-2014.5 February-2014.4 February-2014.3 February-2014.2 February-2014.1
One thing to note is that all of the above photographs were taken on a bright, clear, and sunny day. There was no fog or mist of any kind.

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