Night Vision

Bridal Finery


What is it about us that abhors solitude? Disregarding a few eccentrics, the vast majority of humanity cannot tolerate being alone for more than a certain period of time. Sole survivors of naval and airplane accidents often tell stories of hallucinating and sometimes even going insane just from the trauma of being utterly alone. We […]

Growth of Decay

Blurred Lines

Experiment from Above

This is a photo I took from the window of an airplane as it left San Jose to San Diego, with the light cast from the rising sun. Soon after takeoff, for just a few seconds as the plane banked, the lighting was just perfect. I managed to snap this photo just before the plane […]



  New life emerges from old.

Dancing Drops

Part 2 in the Water Drops series. Part 1 can be found here. In order to achieve this, I took a¬†decorative bowl and a patterned plate with a shallow dip. Then with the help of my brother, I snapped photos of the drops as they fell. It was very difficult to get the timing right. […]

Hang In There