Raycast Rendering

Focus and Depth of Field For my CSE 168 final project, I implemented two techniques into my ray caster, depth of field with focus and volumetric rendering. The former can be seen in the above image, where the focal point is in between the two Laughing Buddha models. Below, you can see the gradual effect […]

Medical Imaging with Unity

Over the last few months, I have been continuing the volumetric rendering for medical imaging project that I first wrote about here. In September, we got access to the Korean Visible Human data set. This data set, in addition to containing MRI and CAT scans, contained full color photo of the cadaver cross sections. Our […]

Swarm GPU

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with shaders and programming the GPU. Some time ago, I built a particle system that operated on Perlin noise and Newtonian physics, and I’ve always wanted to push that particle system further. The first iteration of that project involved a particle system that was purely based of visualizing Simplex Noise (a […]

Volumetric Rendering for Medical Imaging

This summer, my friend and built an application to visualize human anatomy. We used a data source that consisted of 120 consecutive X-Ray images taken in slices of a human skull. The objective was to turn these stacked 2D images into a 3D model that could be treated as if it was rendered natively from […]

San Diego Zoo

All photos taken over the course of 1 day at the San Diego Zoo.

String Theory

Moments in time are like individual ephemeral images layered on top of each other, ones that we usually process individually. The question arises, what happens when these scenes are amalgamated, blended, mixed, layered, and stacked in such a way as to become indistinguishable from each other? Do new details arise? This post represents the next […]

Artificial Artist

Technology has influenced all spheres of life, from communication to health to art. What many people don’t realize is the extent to which art has not just been changed, but supplemented by technology. Math and logic form the basis of all aspects of nature, especially art. Our minds are built in such a way that […]

Night Life

This is the second set of photos in the Night series, these were all taken over the course of an hour and a half in front of the Westfield mall of La Jolla.

Midnight Square

All of the images in this post were taken between 11:00pm and 1:00am in and around Union Square, San Francisco.