CSE 167 Update 2

While rendering each element, we ran into problems, but were able to get basic systems in place for each one. Air: Water:   Particle System

CSE 167 Final Project Update 1

…particles and physics After experimenting with multiple systems for drawing and the physical models we want to use, we decided to use particle engines for Fire and Air, and a spherical model for Water. During this week, we focused on getting the engines behind each of our respective elements up and running. Their is a […]

CSE 167 Final Project

For the final project of CSE 167, our group consists of Christy Ye, Kammy Chen, and myself. This project is heavily inspired by the children’s TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender, which we all grew up watching. In it, many humans have the ability to control the 4 elements (Earth, Air, Water, and Fire) thorough […]

San Diego Zoo

All photos taken over the course of 1 day at the San Diego Zoo.

String Theory

Moments in time are like individual ephemeral images layered on top of each other, ones that we usually process individually. The question arises, what happens when these scenes are amalgamated, blended, mixed, layered, and stacked in such a way as to become indistinguishable from each other? Do new details arise? This post represents the next […]

Artificial Artist

Technology has influenced all spheres of life, from communication to health to art. What many people don’t realize is the extent to which art has not just been changed, but supplemented by technology. Math and logic form the basis of all aspects of nature, especially art. Our minds are built in such a way that […]

Time Travel

The ability of the photograph to freeze moments in time has always been a subject of fascination for me. Photographs allow us to view scenes from the world that reveal times as they once were. However, one aspect that I have always wondered about was whether individual photographs could show the movement of time, rather […]

Perfect Prism

In modern times, most of the lenses we interact with are solids, chiefly made from some subtype of glass. Magnifiers, spectacles, and cameras, all of these items use lens in their functions, albeit solid ones. We often forget that the original lenses, the ones residing in our eyes, are primarily composed of liquids. Water is […]

Night Life

This is the second set of photos in the Night series, these were all taken over the course of an hour and a half in front of the Westfield mall of La Jolla.

Midnight Square

All of the images in this post were taken between 11:00pm and 1:00am in and around Union Square, San Francisco.